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Our Investment Managers implement powerful strategies and manage risk effectively

Grow Your Savings

Your managed account can grow your savings for a new home, car or business, or private medical care, meet the costs of education, or provide funds for the future.

Residual Income

A managed account can give you an additional monthly income, to help with retirement, or breaks in employment, or give you more disposable cash to enjoy every month.

Financial Freedom

A managed account can enable you to be spontaneous, go on holiday, take that round-the-world adventure, pursue that life long dream, start a business, or take a new journey.

Strategy built upon principles

The strategy is based on over 25 years’ trading experience in the foreign exchange markets.The decision making process of the strategy is based on technical analysis whilst monitoring fundamental news.

Every time the strategy gives an instruction to open a trade, it checks the news to see if an external event (i.e. economic or geopolitical) is being reported that could influence a market movements, if not, a trade is executed.

The strategy works on two time horizons that are not connected to one another:
Mid-term analysis: executes between five and ten trades a year – holding duration: hours to days
Short term analysis: executes trades daily – holding duration: seconds to minutes
This means there are two different methods working within the strategy.

'Our Successful Market Strategies'


Volume weighted average price (VWAP), this strategy buys as close as possible to its the historical trading volume in an effort to stay within historic support and resistance lines and to cap the funds volatility.

For example, if over the past 2 weeks 10 percent of a stock's trading volume occurs in the first hour of trading, then with a buy or sell order will stop trading that order in that hour if the 10 percent level is reached.

The idea is to prevent any appearance of heavier than normal trading activity, which could damage the price at which the order is executed as other traders (whether humans or machines) realize what is happening.


Time weighted average price (TWAP). It trades based on time frames, allowing traders to slice a trade up over time, and is most appealing for those investing in a small, illiquid assets where volume analysis doesnt apply but there is an opportunity see profitable trades.


Momentum trading is going with the volume or momentum happening in the market; otherwise known as the follow-the-money trading or momentum trading.


This will look for opportunities in the market to quickly get in realise the profits and then come out.

It involves looking at all of the market data and finding ways to very intelligently pick off little pieces profits that are available often within the space of seconds or minutes.


This is a technique to sniff out algorithmic trading by investment firms and other traders. Once discovered it will help identify trading opportunities either working with or against the trading flow created by the rivals.


This looks at market price corrections, during the open and close of intra-day trading sessions for example when the US market opens during the London Market, there is usually a price change across different asset classes and seeks to take profitable trades from those swings.

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