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The online trading sector is growing exponentially as more and more people recognize the opportunity to profit – no matter how challenging the economic environment.
Property Fund Managers pride themselves on their international partnerships and are committed to strategic affiliations and partnerships.

“We allow you to monetize your existing customer base to enjoy an unlimited earning potential!”

Multi-lingual platforms, supported by our customer support team, sales and retentionSound risk-management policies and impeccable integrityInnovative marketing strategies that help you generate traffic and convert more clientsHigh paying, flexible commission structures – CPA, Revenues Share (trade rebates), or Hybrid deals.Personal, dedicated account manager to assist you in every step. Tailor-made solutions are available for high-end partners and IBs.

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90% of traders, lose 90% of their 90 days or less!

"...the stats are overwhelming"

David Paul, expert Financial Trader with over 25 years experience explains why Property Fund Managerss mission to educate about the risks of trading for yourselves and emphasises the reason why thousands of people are opting to place 80 - 100% of their money in an Elite money management service like Property Fund Managers. read more>

video published: 7th March 2017

"We think you shouldnt just be gambling with your future!"

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