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We look to grow your segregated account according to your attitude to risk and reward, typically we look for 1.3% return each month, but returns may vary according to the market and instruments traded. For example, while trading leveraged CFDs, we have previously delivered returns of over 100% in a month, although we hasten to add that this is based on an extremely high risk strategy, that involves exposing a large part of your equity to see that return. Please remember our profit is derived from our own trading activity and a commission of your net profit, so normally we want to grow your account and ours sensibly according to a sustainable trading strategy that reduces losses to as close as zero as possible.

Upto a maximum of 40% commission, as a performance fee is levied against your net profits each month based upon deposit amounts; e.g. If you have an account balance of £5k and your net profit for the month is £500 we charge £100 commission i.e a maximum of 20% from your net profit for the month; no other fees or charges are levied. You can withdraw and add funds at any time; however, because any open positions will need to be closed before withdrawing funds, please allow upto 3 working days for funds to be returned to your card/account.

We take positions at most of 2 to 3% of your equity, and always use consistent and pragmatic risk management strategies to minimise the potential of loss; moreover, trading activity and the global markets are watched continuously 24/7.

Financial trading is a professional skill that requires knowledge, experience, and time to ensure proper risk management and the ability to execute profitable trades. We've heard countless stories of individuals, who have been seduced by the returns leveraged trading in the CFD and FX market can provide, only for them to lose all or a significant portion of their equity, either trading on their own or by 'copy trading' amateurs. As professional money managers we will ensure that your success comes first by delivering consistent returns and only taking a commission from your net profit.

Yes, as Think Markets are authorised by the FCA they request identification and address documents to verify you for compliance.

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We have a minimum first time investment deposit of €5000.

Yes you can! We are always happy to meet our clients upon on request where possible. However we do not offer a walk in service as our lean business model can allow us to keep our fees and barriers to entry for our clients as low as possible

This is a ‘limited power of attorney’. An authorization form used in the professional money management field which gives a portfolio manager discretion to perform certain functions in a client's account. This contract will allow Property Fund Managerss experts to trade funds on your account.

This is an additional platform built for managed accounts. The C Portal offers our clients total transparency and is where you can view your accounts, sign and view any contracts you have with your account manager.

Opening an account can vary between clients. This can take anything from a few minutes to a few days depending on verification and deposit.

You can deposit through a number of methods in the Think Markets portal

  • Bank/wire transfer
  • Credit card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Payment Asia
  • Fastapay
  • Webmoney

Our managed accounts offer three currencies:

  • GBP
  • EUR
  • USD

Yes you can view historical trades through out partnered exection broker, 'Think Markets' portal and your C Portal. These can be requested at anytime offering you total transparency

90% of traders, lose 90% of their 90 days or less!

"...the stats are overwhelming"

David Paul, expert Financial Trader with over 25 years experience explains why Property Fund Managerss mission to educate about the risks of trading for yourselves and emphasises the reason why thousands of people are opting to place 80 - 100% of their money in an Elite money management service like Property Fund Managers. read more>

video published: 7th March 2017

"We think you shouldnt just be gambling with your future!"

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